7 Ways To Get More Traffic

These are a few things that has helped me get traffic to my blog.

1. Have an active blog.
It’s very important to have an active blog. Don’t post something once or twice a month. Try to post something at lest twice a week. This will show your readers that you are here to stay in the blog word.

2. Freebies
This is a great way to get people over to your blog. Try to create freebies that will get people wanting more. Create what others might be looking for. Most scrappers
would like a quicker way to scrap. By helping them scrap quicker, create a predicate scrapbook page(s), quick page(s), or layout template(s).

3. Blog Trains
Blog trains are fun to join in on. It will also bring more people to your blog.

4. Posting your freebies at other sites.
When you post your freebie on your blog advertise it at other sites. Some sites will allow you to post your freebies and link it to your blog.
These are the sites I like to post at:
STS Freebie forum
Craft Crave
Member Specialties at DST
DigiScrap Depot
Creative Busy Hands

5. Add your blog URL to Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

6. Blog Hops
There are tons and tons of blog hopes out there. I have googled blog hops for this post so you can pick which one you would like best. I have also found this post on How To Get Involved Into Blog Hops.

7. Join Blog Top Sites
A great way to build up your followers is to join a Top Blog Site.
These are the ones I use:
5 Star Digital Scrapbooking Sites
Picket Fence Blogs

**There are more Top Sites and Freebie Posting Sites out there that you can use. These are only the ones I use.

Hope this helps you. If you have any other suggestions please add them below.

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