Tips on Organizing Your DigiKits

Since I have been digital scrapping I’ve find myself lost in all of my digital scrapping kits I have brought. I’m always reorganizing my files. It seems like every month I find myself creating a new folder to add more kits to. Then I found this helpful site with a great way to organize your digital kits. Katie the Scrapbook Lady talks about how she prefers to file her digital scrapping supplies. One of my favorite ways to file is the number system. Katie the Scrapbook Lady also talks about the number system. The first set of numbers I did get the idea from Katie but after that I kinda went my own way.
I have all of my digital scrapping kits on my external hard drive. On my EHD I have a folder named “Digi Scrapping” and in this folder is all of my scrapping supplies. In my “Digi Scrapping” folder I have another folder called “Digi Scrapping Kits” and in this folder I have all of my digital scrapping kits.
This is my file system I use in my “Digi Scrapping Kits”:
00 Terms of Use (I add all of the designers TOU in this folder)
0 Birthday
1 Winter
2 Valentines
3 St Patrick
4 Easter
5 Spring
6 Summer
7 Independence Day
8 School/Sports
9 Fall
10 Halloween
11 Thanksgiving
12 Christmas
The point behind this number system is to have the numbers stand for the month of the year. For example, Easter is in April, the fourth month of the year.
I don’t separate my kits. I like to keep all of my kits together in their own folder. For example, my “6 Summer” folder would have all of my summer themed kits with the folder name Designer_Kit Name. In the designer_kit name folder I would have the kit preview, a folder for Elements, and a folder for Papers.
Now for all of my other kits that wont go in any of my other folders. I have these folders:
13 Boy
14 Girl
15 Fun-Carnivals
16 Zoo-Animals
17 Outdoors
18 Misc Kits
For these I would put the kits that would follow the theme of the folder. If it was a fishing kit I would add it to the “17 Outdoors” folder. So on, so froth.
I hope I didn’t lose you all with this long post. If you have any questions please ask.
Tomorrow (7/15/11) I will post on how to organize your layout templates.

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