Types of Video Games

In General

To date, there is a total of 9 main types of video games: Action, Action-Adventure, Adventure, Role-playing, Simulation, Strategy, Sports, Puzzle, Idle (Vince, 2018), played on a PC, Console, or Phone. Video games are categorized by their characteristics or objectives. Because of that, games can have sub-genres and fit in many catalogs. By breaking down the game mechanics, we can understand how they are categorized.

Action games

Action games are games where the player is in control of a character at the center of the action, often comprised of physical challenges players must overcome.

Action-Adventure Games

Action-Adventure games incorporate 2 game mechanics: action and long story quests.

Adventure Games

Adventure games focus mostly on the story while the gameplay is usually text-based.

Role-playing Games

Role-Playing games (RPGs). RPGs mostly feature medieval or fantasy settings involving both action aspects and action-adventure aspects. Similarity, Simulation games are designed to emulate real or fictional reality, to simulate a real situation or events.

Strategy games

Strategy games require the player to develop strategies and tactics to overcome the challenge.

Sports games

Sports games simulate sports like golf, soccer, and baseball, including Olympic sports, even pub sports like pool, dart or racing.

Puzzle games and Idle games

Puzzle games or Logic games usually take place on a single screen and require the player to solve the puzzle or problem to advance. On the other hand, Idle games can be understood as simplified games with minimal player involvement or mini-game based with short sessions, or educational games.


Video gaming has gained exposure to a broader audience and increasingly become part of modern culture, of everyday life, compared to the Best Dewalt drill in working. Moreover, as the gaming industry develops, the public is getting mixed feeling about video gaming. All in all, compared to those who do not play video games, gamers tend to learn more on the positive depictions of gaming

A Wood House

Why is Wood?

If you decide to build a house with cement, it will be definitely tougher and stronger than wood. But there still some reason for people to use wood as the main material for building a house. Firstly, wood is hard enough for us to believe when choosing a material for the house. Thus, it is undeniable that wood is much more luxurious and old-school to express your character into the house. Besides, more than material, it would be easier than brick and cement to deal with, and the worker would please to work harder and faster rather than waiting for cement to dry for days.

The Advantages of Choosing Wood

The biggest advantages of choosing wood are that it is easy to be handled. With a best Makita Drill, you can dig deep enough for the wood to stand still many years. Think about a house that flexible to change every part of it though it was made since ten years ago, it would be the house you want to live in. The best situation you can imagine is that you don’t need to worry about how long it takes to make your house being crash. Remember there are several stuff you can mix with wood to decorate and keep a wood house be fresh and clean. It is a dramatical masterpiece of you as it always is.

The Disadvantages of Choosing Wood

On the other hand, wood is quite dirt from the first time of using. And the hours you need to spend to make wood become quality enough to use is a difficult time as I mentioned in the article “How hard is it to work with wood?”. You may sacrifice a lot of money to reduce the harm that would probably cause such as dust, the decoration, and moisture-proof paint as well. All of these combine to slow down the process of making your dream house come true.

The Final

Although the cons of using material from the ancient compared to cement and brick, there are several pros you will receive when choosing wood as the primary stuff for your house. All in all, your choice is the ultimate part, so think carefully before the make any decision.

Chapter I: The Plinger Land

The Starving Girl

It was a dark night, a deep blue sky. People around the town named Plinger Land had arrived home since 5:00 pm after a long day of work. Some of them just walked to the street, looking for exciting activities such as football on the road, jumping jack for the kid or just chess playing on a random picnic table. The fact that it just a boring city, there is no appealing you can find from the citizen there. However, on the north side of this town, we can catch up with a girl in the darkest corner of the street. She seemed to be starving and urged anyone she could recognize for a piece of bread. However, no one cared about her.

Monster of The Night

In Slinger Land, there are three rules that have to be remembered. The first rule is always to stay at your house from 10 pm to 8 pm. The second rule is that you must not look outside of the home at midnight. The most important law is, do not deny the Things wishes. Things had never been seen by a human because no one dared to break the rules coming from the dark things. In other words, the dead man told no story. Across the 100 ha of the landscape of the Printer Land, the silence of death wrapped over the town in the midnight. The Things, they scream loud and scary, but there was no complaint from the household. They scared for the death of themselves. Moreover, one thing to be worried, the Best Level of fear. Things bring it from the Hole to human society, and every artifact is the best compared to human’s things.

Daughter of The Things?

It was weird to say so, but the starving girl at the corner of the street on the north side of Plinger Land hadn’t died yet. Her name is Pat Flare, and she is new to this town. On the one hand, she is sick and homeless in particular. On the other hand, she is seemed to be immune to The Things’ influences. Thus, her voice can be heard all over the city at 3:07 am, which is unreasonable to Plunger Land’s citizen. Is she the daughter of The Things? That is interesting to think about, a spotlight in the darkest night.


Cloud Computing: Background Information

What is Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud” first appeared from the original network diagrams established on the Internet. In other words, it was shaped from various parts of the Internet, as the schematic cloud. Moreover, cloud computing is “a subscription-based service” where you can save many storage spaces from the network and from resources on the computer. Because of that, cloud computing is receiving great attention, both from publications and users. The temperature of this topic can break a wood level without boiling it.

Uses of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers a different way to contain and manufacturing information technology (IT) resources on a large scale. E-mail is an example because it is the provider maintaining the server and supplying the accessible entitlement. That means you can always use cloud computing as long as the internet is around you. Thus, as a Best circular saw always turn around, cloud computing will tear down your nerve of data storage space. Moreover, the scale of this protocol is on the internet, which can provide infinitive space for your data based on the theory of the internet.

The Idea of Clouds

Cloud computing is not about your hard drive, and it will never be a hard drive. If you store data and run software from the hard drive, that is called local storage and computing, not cloud computing. Therefore, the idea of cloud computing comes from the data that are not physically close to you, but you can access and exploit it in advance anywhere and any time. This is dramatically helpful for businesses that cannot put up with the cost of hardware and storage space as the bigger one. It reduces the money needed to purchase and store memory devices.

Types of Cloud (I)

There are 3 main types of cloud computing based on the service that are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). With IaaS, the business can easily access virtual web platform as storage space, servers, and connections while eliminating the need for buying and maintaining the Internet themselves. If you use PaaS, it will provide you with the layer and development environment of software, up to the highest levels of service that can be made. You, as a customer, have the freedom to build your own software ran on the provider’s environment. Meanwhile, SaaS has the basic structure to provide standard infrastructure, which gives the subscriber ultimately outsource of the data storage space, such as hardware and software, which are anything they need on the internet.

Types of Cloud (II)

On the other hand, based on deploy applications on public, cloud computing can be divided into Public, Private and Hybrid clouds. Public cloud has been shared and powered by third parties, which means users of this type of cloud do not have the right to manage and maintain this cloud. It also provides the ability to scale seamlessly, on demand. Meanwhile, the private cloud is established and maintained for a specific organization. Private cloud is best in the organization premises, served and controlled by its employees. The other choice for you is the hybrid cloud, which is both public and private cloud models. With it, you can easily handle your organization seasonal activity, or transfer some of the facilities to the public cloud when needed.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is the best for small business from the first established day, but that does not mean it has no disadvantages. Although this is a hype surrounding the coming age of cloud computing, there is usually a dark side, particularly in the opening adoption phase. In this write, the following potential disadvantages of cloud computing are revealed.

Internet Connection Dependent

Cloud computing helps your small business to cut down the dependent on the physical storage device, but it also makes your company dependent on internet connection, like a Best circular saw under your chin. No cloud provider, even the very best, can claim immunity to service outages. Thus, cloud computing’s systems are based on the internet, which means access is fully dependent on Internet connectivity. Moreover, if you lose your network connection by some of the natural disasters, or your frequent outages or even slow speed internet, you may experience some downtime. If your internet connection has some problems, cloud computing will not a good choice for your business.

Data Security

Data security is always a big concern of the businesses to protect information related to your bucket. Sadly, cloud hacking cases in the past few months warning us that not all cloud providers are secured enough to protect our data as they claim to be. Of course, cloud service providers are expected to manage and safeguard the underlying hardware construction of deployment; however, remote access is your responsibility.

Documented Interfaces

The clouds have also documented interfaces; however, no standards are associated with these, which keeps you always have to update the latest version of clouds to fully control your data and software on the cloud. Not only can it be complex and expensive to reconfigure your applications to meet the requirements of a new host, but migration could also expose your data to additional security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Outbound Prices

Finally, if your business is obliged to transfer a huge amount of data, be aware that despite free transferring data to the cloud (inbound), outbound data transfer over the amounts set is charged on a per GB basis. That leads to the overall price for the hosting service can be surprisingly high. In that case, the wildest thing you can do before choosing cloud computing as your database storage is checked current pricing carefully on every provider’s webpage.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Why should we choose cloud computing?

Cloud computing is getting more and more popular to the users, commonly in offices as organizations and companies to boot up the speed of work. Despite the difficulty in the transition process, for most businesses, it is easy to migrate to the cloud. As a result, cloud computing is more popular to the community than traditional computing based on different services such as cost saving, scalability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Cost saving

The most significant advantage visible to the users of cloud computing is the reduction of the need to purchase costly IT infrastructure which points to several expensive servers. It defines a better protocol replacing the physical equipment needed for information storage process. Thus, it also keeps the IT systems in the tray, so you do not need to do that yourself anymore, saving the money that should be paid for this process. Moreover, the only price you have to pay is the price per user, which is undoubtedly less than the traditional way. In other words, it seems to the Best Makita drill compared to an ax.


Another thing to be concerned about saving data is the scalability. With cloud computing, it is always easy for you to adjust the amount of storage based on your wishes. There is no doubt that this stuff is perfect for start-up, small businesses and personal purposes in the idea of elimination the worry in the overburdened system in the old way of storage.


The benefit of cloud computing also comes from flexibility. This is a noticeable necessary characteristic inspired by the speed of technology development, to changing business conditions, critical speed deliver. Moreover, it can be used to store the data from the physical device to cloud computing with accessible anytime, anywhere which is a very attractive benefit. It is important in both organizations and individuals.


Cloud computing also dominates other protocols by its efficiency; performs in running and maintaining IT services itself. Your carbon footprint could sharply decline by departing to cloud computing. In other words, cloud administrators have a highly efficient system in place to connect to the network needs of businesses and supply reliable connectivity, while reducing the harm to the minimum by decreasing the power usage from servers. Therefore, you will save the money by paying for only the things you see, and you are also down the time needed for system upgrades and equipment.

JigSaw: Background Information

What is Saw?

Saw is a combination of 8 chapters of the film telling the story about a crazy man (JigSaw) with the idea to free people from the sins. It sounds like the idea of Jesus, but how he does the work is the main point of this. JigSaw claimed that people do not cherish their life when they are alive, so he trapped them in several traps and deadly challenges that are brutal and inhumane.

 Who is JigSaw?

Basically, JigSaw is nothing but the name that his victims call him. His real name is John Kramer, and out of the spectators’ imagination, he is a quiet person week because of his cancer issue. Inspire of his sickness; he is talented in trapping and figuring the thinks deep inside of human’s mind.

Killing Tool of JigSaw

Obliviously, killing tools is iconic to both the killer and the viewer. For instance, a claw with five sharp knives finger is iconic to Freddy Kruger, hair reminds us immediately to Sadako in Ringu, and to John Kramer is a Best Circular Saw.

The Doll and The Mask

Have you heard about the cursed dolls? I bet that you heard about Annabelle, one of the creations of demons, or Robbert, the haunted doll with the legendary story. In series Saw, he has a “lovely” doll named Billy the Puppet. It is iconic throughout this series because JigSaw always wears a mask similar to the face of Billy the Puppet. Thus, it is famous enough to recognize for everybody who saw this film before, and for his victims too.

Tapes in Saw

There are several tapes in the series Saw, most of them are JigSaw wearing the mask of Billy the Puppet with a scary voice. He will invite his victims to participate in a deadly game that they can not refuse because they are already trapped in the game. The famous words he said is: “Live or die, make your choice.”

The Conclusion

Overall, Saw is a film series that bring you pure fear combined with intense and lessons of life. Just watch and enjoy the feeling of the trapped and Best circular saw beneath the head.

How Hard It Is to Work with Wood?

Are Wood Product’s Prices too High?

To be honest, wood products are always attractive to me by its luxury and old school. However, the wood products are often at a position of high price compared to its quantity and quality. On the one hand, the cost of a product made from wood is unacceptable without a doubt. On the other hand, the comprehension of wood among the other’s material is an additional point for it.

The Value of Handmade Products (Material)

Most of you hardly care about the structure of material affecting the final creation, and the consumer only concentrates on the final result to judge the price of a handmade product like this. The progress to make the goods from a tree to a quality supply is extremely hard, primarily when it is caused by hand.

The Steps of Producing a Wood Supply

Firstly, the worker would like to have the tree’s body, and the tree’s trunk should be cut nicely and smoothly by a chainsaw or an ax. It is never easy to cut with a perfect cut. Moreover, the process of clean the tree to make it easy to work with is the second step. Then, the worker obliges to use kinds of the best wood chisels to cut, sculpture and shape for the final product. Finally, a cover, usually by paint, is wrapped the product to protect it from the insects and environmental effects.

The Difficulties in Producing Wood Supplies

Although the steps of producing a wood supply are clear to be seen, it is hard to do it all by yourself without the machines. One difficulty in this process is the stiffness of wood. It can take hours only to shape the trial form of the product without devices. Thus, all the details should be done without destroying the comprehension of the masterpiece is considered to be essential. Most importantly, the tools, including an ax, chainsaw, wood chisel, knife, and hammer have to be firm to make sure the art of sculpture is not suspended.

Value of Wood Products

After hours of hard-working, then the final products have been formed. It may cost you a price that is higher than a regular good sold in the market shelf, but worth it. All in all, wood products’ value comes from the process and the hardness to create it, and even from the material itself.