Chapter I: The Plinger Land

The Starving Girl

It was a dark night, a deep blue sky. People around the town named Plinger Land had arrived home since 5:00 pm after a long day of work. Some of them just walked to the street, looking for exciting activities such as football on the road, jumping jack for the kid or just chess playing on a random picnic table. The fact that it just a boring city, there is no appealing you can find from the citizen there. However, on the north side of this town, we can catch up with a girl in the darkest corner of the street. She seemed to be starving and urged anyone she could recognize for a piece of bread. However, no one cared about her.

Monster of The Night

In Slinger Land, there are three rules that have to be remembered. The first rule is always to stay at your house from 10 pm to 8 pm. The second rule is that you must not look outside of the home at midnight. The most important law is, do not deny the Things wishes. Things had never been seen by a human because no one dared to break the rules coming from the dark things. In other words, the dead man told no story. Across the 100 ha of the landscape of the Printer Land, the silence of death wrapped over the town in the midnight. The Things, they scream loud and scary, but there was no complaint from the household. They scared for the death of themselves. Moreover, one thing to be worried, the Best Level of fear. Things bring it from the Hole to human society, and every artifact is the best compared to human’s things.

Daughter of The Things?

It was weird to say so, but the starving girl at the corner of the street on the north side of Plinger Land hadn’t died yet. Her name is Pat Flare, and she is new to this town. On the one hand, she is sick and homeless in particular. On the other hand, she is seemed to be immune to The Things’ influences. Thus, her voice can be heard all over the city at 3:07 am, which is unreasonable to Plunger Land’s citizen. Is she the daughter of The Things? That is interesting to think about, a spotlight in the darkest night.


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