Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is the best for small business from the first established day, but that does not mean it has no disadvantages. Although this is a hype surrounding the coming age of cloud computing, there is usually a dark side, particularly in the opening adoption phase. In this write, the following potential disadvantages of cloud computing are revealed.

Internet Connection Dependent

Cloud computing helps your small business to cut down the dependent on the physical storage device, but it also makes your company dependent on internet connection, like a Best circular saw under your chin. No cloud provider, even the very best, can claim immunity to service outages. Thus, cloud computing’s systems are based on the internet, which means access is fully dependent on Internet connectivity. Moreover, if you lose your network connection by some of the natural disasters, or your frequent outages or even slow speed internet, you may experience some downtime. If your internet connection has some problems, cloud computing will not a good choice for your business.

Data Security

Data security is always a big concern of the businesses to protect information related to your bucket. Sadly, cloud hacking cases in the past few months warning us that not all cloud providers are secured enough to protect our data as they claim to be. Of course, cloud service providers are expected to manage and safeguard the underlying hardware construction of deployment; however, remote access is your responsibility.

Documented Interfaces

The clouds have also documented interfaces; however, no standards are associated with these, which keeps you always have to update the latest version of clouds to fully control your data and software on the cloud. Not only can it be complex and expensive to reconfigure your applications to meet the requirements of a new host, but migration could also expose your data to additional security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Outbound Prices

Finally, if your business is obliged to transfer a huge amount of data, be aware that despite free transferring data to the cloud (inbound), outbound data transfer over the amounts set is charged on a per GB basis. That leads to the overall price for the hosting service can be surprisingly high. In that case, the wildest thing you can do before choosing cloud computing as your database storage is checked current pricing carefully on every provider’s webpage.

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