Use a hand planer to plan a large piece of wood

Do you know anything about wood planers? I’m sure most people, especially carpenters, know this tool. With the outstanding function of forming the smooth and flat wood surface, it has quickly become popular and an indispensable tool for most craftsmen in making furniture.

In the market of carpentry tools, best wood planers are increasingly diverse with full shapes, colors, sizes, and functions. There are two main types: handheld wood planer, and stationary wood planer. Depending on the project, you may be able to use one of these devices.

For example, if you need to plan a large amount of wood in a short period. You can use a stationary planer because it has a large capacity to support your plan for a long time without worrying about the broken device.

And a hand planer, though its capacity is not equal to a stationary planer. But it is extremely compact and convenient. You can take it anywhere to use if needed. And it is also the best wood planer for beginners. Especially, if you want to plan a large wood surface, a handheld wood planer is the most ideal tool for that project. That is true. It is not just a stationary planer that is capable of doing this job well.

So, are you curious about how a hand planer can plan on a large surface? If yes, please follow this article. I will show you the details of the planning process for this device. Let’s have started.

How does a hand planer work

A handheld planer has the same features as other planers. However, it has a planing blade attached to the cutting head like a jointer. The handle is equipped with an additional depth adjustment button. That makes it possible to drill down to the level you desire easily. Besides, you can flexibly plan on the surface of the board, from left to right or from top to bottom. The cutting head is equipped with a relatively large capacity which makes your planning process fast and without pressure.

The following, I will give a few notes before using the planer you need to know:

If you want to plan a perfect piece of wood, you not only need to stand firmly but your hands must be skilled and flexible.

When starting planing, set the motor of the device to the maximum speed to warm it up, then just plan the wood surface.

Keep steady hand pressure from beginning to end of the planning process. Why need to maintain the speed? It is extremely important for your planning results. If you do not plan to stabilize, the wood after shaving is not good quality, some places are too thick, some are too thin. In particular, Snipe may appear to destroy the end of the wood.

Steps for planing a large wooden board with a hand planer:

Step 1. Set up a wood board that needs planing


This step is simple, but you must not skip it. Before you embark on a plan, you must check to see if the board is up to standard. Is the width and length of the edges suitable for planing? Is it too rugged? Or does it have to be moldy? Are there any obstacles such as nails still on the board?

With the test of moisture that you cannot identify with the naked eye. You should equip the best moisture meter. After thoroughly checking the quality of wood panels continue to step two.

Step 2: Planing



Before planing, you must fix your board and make sure it will not shake or move during planing. Use the ruler on the pen to mark the depth you need to plan. Making a large piece of wood is quite difficult and laborious, I think you should divide the board into pieces to plan the most effective.

Moreover, because the board is quite large, do not try to finish it in one day. Because you will not be able to maintain the best state. Do not rush but keep calm. Every day, you can plan a little. Although it takes a long time, the quality of the wood after completion will not disappoint you.

Step 3: Complete


After planing, now it’s time to sand the wood to make it smoother and flatter. You can do the sanding by hand, but it takes quite a bit of work. You can use the sanding device. It will help you scrub the whole wood in just a few minutes.

In conclusion

Although the content of this article is quite simple and concise. But it has helped you somewhat on how to use a hand planer to plan a large piece of wood, right? Finally, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

Some ways to preserve the multi-function versatile pliers

Some people asked me that although the multi-function versatile pliers have an important meaning in our lives, they can only use in a short time. That’s why people think that the multi-function versatile pliers are not durable and easy be broken for a certain period of use. I think that there is some misunderstanding here. A lot of people may misunderstand about the multi-function versatile pliers and some features of this tool. You know that everything will be easily broken or have a short life if we do not know how to preserve them. So that also happens with the multi-function versatile if we forget to conserve it in the right way. If you do not know this problem, I will gladly help you with this article here.

multi-function versatile pliers
multi-function versatile pliers

How to preserve the multi-function versatile pliers in the right ways

In my opinion, there are various ways to save the multi-function versatile pliers. However, if we want to have the best result, we need to combine all those ways at the same time. Below are some techniques that we should keep in mind when using the multi-function versatile pliers.

Saving before using

This is the first step that we must maintain the multi-function versatile pliers. We have to check this tool first before using because it can affect our work efficiency. For example, if the multi-function versatile pliers are rusty and dirty but we do not clean before using, this tool can not work with high efficiency or even this tool can be broken more quickly. That is one of the reasons that make the multi-function versatile reduce life expectancy at the time later. So my advice here is that we need to check and clean this device before using it.

Preserving after using

We have to preserve the multi-function versatile pliers not only before using but also after using. Each step is very necessary and important so we should not forget one of them. It is same as the first step, after using this tool, we also have to clean it as soon as possible. I know that many of us have a bad habit when we put the multi-function versatile pliers immediately into the tool kit after using. We should stop doing this because this tool is easy to be rusty. It is not similar to other types of pliers, all parts of the multi-function versatile pliers are made of hard steel. So the feature of teel is very easy to be rusty. So my advice here is that we should clean the multi-function versatile pliers after we use it. If we do it, our plier will have a long life and bring us the best efficiency. I can say that the better you maintain your pliers, the more you can save money and get high performance.

Putting it in the right places

According to the two-paragraph above, we must preserve the multi-function versatile pliers in the right ways. So do you understand what is in the right places here?. Let me help you answer this question. The right place is the places in which you can put and preserve something well. With the multi-function versatile pliers, after using we should put it in a cool dry place. I think the best way is to put it into the tool kit to preserve. A lot of people may not have a tool kit but I think we should have a storage box at home to use. Moreover, we also should not put the multi-function versatile pliers in the places where there is sunlight or a wet area. Because these places also make the pliers rusty.

Taking care of the multi-function versatile pliers

That sounds like a stupid thing but it is also one of the most important steps to preserve the multi-function versatile pliers. I think that many people do not remember to do this step because they think that it is not necessary. And that step is putting regularly oil into the pliers to ensure it can perform well at work. That also is a way to help us work more efficiently.

To sum up

Here are some ways to maintain the multi-function versatile pliers that I would like to show you.I think that we should take all steps to preserve the pliers better. Generally, common workers or professional workers will need to select the best pliers set to get the best consequences at work. However, preserving well pliers also is a good way to have an effective result.

How to use a staple gun to achieve the best performance

It can be seen that with the continuous development of society nowadays, society become more and more modern about science and technology. We have many choices of modern products such as food, cloth, TV, washing machine, and household items. Especially, we need to mention some modern machines that are invented by the human such as the moisture meter, the drill machine, and especially the staple gun. So in this article, I will introduce to you some necessary knowledge about the staple gun.


The general information that you need to know about the staple gun

It is said that the staple gun is close to the human nowadays and it is widely used in many important fields of the society such as carpentry field, construction field, and decorative field. A staple gun is a held-hand machine that is designed with a compact and simple design. The staple gun is used to staple many different materials together such as wood, paper, and masonry. It is not deniable that the staple gun plays an important role in our life because this machine is applied in many different applications of society. So it is always beneficial for you to consider buying the best staple gun for your needs. There are so many different types and function of the staple gun on the market nowadays. Generally, the staple gun can be divided into three main kinds depending on the different conditions of each user that are the electric staple gun, the manual staple gun, and the compressed air staple gun. So you can choose an appropriate staple gun with your needs and your conditions.

The steps to use the staple gun effectively

  1. Step 1: you need to check the staple machine before using it. A lot of people forget this step because they think that it is unnecessary to do this step. However, it is very important for us to check carefully the machine before using it. Firstly, it is compulsory for you to check the case of the machine to know whether it is broken or loose or not. This work will help you avoid some bad situation that can happen during working. Besides, you also have to test whether the machine can work or out of work. If the staple gun does not have the above situations, you can use this machine normally. So remember that this step must be done before using
  2. Step 2: After doing step 1, we can move to step 2 called stapling. When we staple any material, we need to choose the appropriate stapling size. Because the stapling will have different sizes. So it will depend on the materials that you have to staple to choose the suitable stabling size. If you doing this step, you will get the best result. For example, if you need to staple the paper, you should choose the stapling with a small size because the paper is very thin and soft. Otherwise, when stapling the wooden panels, we need to use the stabling with a bigger size.
  3. Step 3: one of the most important steps is that you must clean the machine after using it. I think that many of us will forget to clean carefully the machine. When you often do this step, it can help increase the life of your staple gun.

In conclusion

We can see that the staple gun brings us many benefits. I hope you can get some information that I share in this article to get a good result when using this machine.

Get Started With Woodworking Clamps

“A woodworker should not have too many clamps,” which is a common saying in the workshop. If it is accurate or even not, it still pays to knowledgeably plan your purchases and appreciate this way of the woodworking tool.

Bar Clamps

Although we will also include in the discussion other alternatives that are favored by many woodworkers, the parallel bar clamp is the overall best type of bar clamp for assembly work. 

Parallel clamps automatically adjust square to the bar with their clamping faces parallel to each other, which employ two large rectangular heads, one fixed at the end of the bar and the other moveable.

The slight advantage of accurately directing clamping force has had by these clamps. Simultaneously, in general, good ones are actually refined, accurate tools may seem like reasonably coarse tools. When the assembly must be, there is no going back once the glue starts to set, and this is important during the crunch time of paste-up. Skillfully tweaking the position and force of high-quality parallel clamps can help make critical alignments easy.

An Option In Bar Clamps With Economical

A sizable set of top suitable parallel clamps is costly, but there is a severe problem in constructing a tool kit: you’ll soon need a relatively large number of clamps. The universal pipe clamp is an alternative with low-cost.

Pipe clamps can be attached to any length of iron pipe to create a clamp instantly which consist of a pair of heads that. Black iron pipe is readily available at home centers in heights up to 10 feet. 3/4″ tubing with correspondingly sized clamp heads will make a much sturdier clamp than 1/2″ tubing, or a neater alternative galvanized thing.

Our suggestion for novice woodworkers is to buy as your commitment increases, upgrade to some parallel clamps, starting with a few 24″ measures to, then buy lengths of pipe as needed for specific projects later and start by getting several pairs of pipe clamp heads. The quality of these, particularly in smaller work that often requires more precision, which will be welcome. After that, add some 48″/50″ for the parallel clamps. Because long pipes are relatively inexpensive, the pipe clamp heads will remain very useful when longer clamps are required.

While the cost of a 48″ or 50″ woodworking clamp is about $60, the averages about $45 cost of a 24″-long parallel clamp by Bessey, Jet or Jorgensen,, and so on and upward for more extended woodworking clamps. In contrast, a pair of 3/4″ pipe clamp heads costs only about $19 including pads. Add a few dollars for galvanized pipe and the 24″ pipe will be just about $9, 48″ is $12, 72″ is $16. 

It is not hard to see the economy of pipe clamps, especially considering that the lengths of pipe can be quickly and easily transferred among different clamp heads. Versions with a broad stand-up base, such as those by Rockler, are more stable.

Consider three general categories of assemblies when planning your clamp buying. First are case assemblies, such as a dovetailed blanket chest. Second, are the edge-to-edge joints used to glue up boards to make? Third, are more large panels.

Bar Clamps With More Option

Aluminum bar clamps, dramatically Dubuque Clamp Works “Universal” variety, are cost about half as much as parallel clamps of the same length, and it is also a high-quality lightweight alternative to steel clamps. They are ideal for small to medium drawers, doors, boxes, and the like, and pleasantly easy to wield. Still, we still love the versatility and beefiness of steel clamps. In other cases, they may be all you need for your work. 

Hand Screws

The discussion of woodworking clamps would be not complete without mentioning these excellent tools. Because they can provide versatile, dependable and the jaws are wooden, woodworkers like them.

The range of a handscrew is rectangular in cross-section so the jaws can close parallel or at an angle to each other. Moreover, the clamp itself can be easily held in a vise or accept the jaws of other clamps.


All in all, we ensure that they will solve a clamping puzzle that no other clamp can. An excellent all-around choice is 10″ or 12″, sized by the length of the jaws.

Some notes when choosing to buy a moisture meter

Moisture is one of the natural factors that greatly affect many aspects of human life. For example, you want to choose an item of wooden furniture for your family. You need to determine its moisture. Because, if the furniture has adequate moisture (not too wet and not too dry). It will give you an item of quality furniture and you can use it for a long time.  Understanding the importance of moisture, Manufacturers have created different types of moisture meters for each field of life so you can easily choose.

Besides, the selection of a moisture meter is extremely important. Not everybody can choose the best moisture meter. Moreover, With a device that requires high accuracy such as a moisture meter needs to be carefully selected to avoid buying a poor quality machine that will affect the measurement results, causing damage to your work. Therefore, in this article, I will give you some suggestions so you can choose the best moisture meter. Let’s explore now.

How to buy a quality moisture meter

  • Relative error

Any measurement device has errors, which are inevitable, possibly due to weather, climate, and other conditions. However, the appropriate error is acceptable and does not affect the measurement results. A quality moisture meter will have a low absolute error. The result is acceptable if the error is only 1% to 2%.

  • Ability to read deep moisture

Wet items often have the same characteristics, as follows: dry in outside but wet in inside, which means that the outside of the wall or piece of wood is dry but deep inside the wood core or the wall is not dry. Therefore, you need to choose the device with the ability to read moisture as deeply as possible to ensure that your material is really dry. Usually, a battery-powered moisture meter is capable of measuring deep moisture less than a battery-free moisture meter.

  • An object of measuring moisture

You need to determine what material objects you usually measure moisture. Such as Walls of cement, concrete or wood, because each type will have a different metal probe design, suitable for different measuring needs. So you need to determine the exact object that needs to measure to buy the right machine. In addition, you should choose a moisture meter with flexible adjustment capabilities, for example, you measure a product made up of a variety of materials, or the same material as wood, but there are many types of wood. Therefore, you need to adjust the detector of the machine to match the material to be measured to give the most accurate results.

  • Easy to use

Easy to use is also a factor you need to consider first when buying a moisture meter. Devices that only include an on / off switch, simple menu, easy to use and operate will be suitable for you. You don’t have to spend too much time on complicated operations. Besides, if you don’t know how to use it correctly, it may affect your measurement results. Or that’s why the machine breaks down fast

  • Prestigious brand

Because today, there are many moisture meters from many different countries on the market. That makes you do not know which one is the best and the most suitable. Don’t worry about that. You should choose brands from countries that are famous for technology and products that are recognized and used by many buyers. Prestigious brands will ensure to provide you with the best moisture meter, thereby giving you the most accurate measurement results.

  • Price

Finally, what you need to pay attention to is the price of a moisture meter. If you only use a moisture meter on a small scale or in your family. You pick up a machine with a moderate price that most people can buy. Besides, if you need to use a moisture meter on a large scale like a carpentry workshop, or a material factory. You must choose the type of meter with the best quality. Of course, good quality will bring its price higher than other machines. Using a quality meter definitely makes your work more efficient, faster and higher. You will feel very worthy to spend a large amount of money to buy.

In conclusion

I have shown you some suggestions that you can choose the best moisture meter. If you intend to buy a moisture meter. Let’s read this article. Wish you could choose a moisture meter that you like best.