JigSaw: Background Information

What is Saw?

Saw is a combination of 8 chapters of the film telling the story about a crazy man (JigSaw) with the idea to free people from the sins. It sounds like the idea of Jesus, but how he does the work is the main point of this. JigSaw claimed that people do not cherish their life when they are alive, so he trapped them in several traps and deadly challenges that are brutal and inhumane.

 Who is JigSaw?

Basically, JigSaw is nothing but the name that his victims call him. His real name is John Kramer, and out of the spectators’ imagination, he is a quiet person week because of his cancer issue. Inspire of his sickness; he is talented in trapping and figuring the thinks deep inside of human’s mind.

Killing Tool of JigSaw

Obliviously, killing tools is iconic to both the killer and the viewer. For instance, a claw with five sharp knives finger is iconic to Freddy Kruger, hair reminds us immediately to Sadako in Ringu, and to John Kramer is a Best Circular Saw.

The Doll and The Mask

Have you heard about the cursed dolls? I bet that you heard about Annabelle, one of the creations of demons, or Robbert, the haunted doll with the legendary story. In series Saw, he has a “lovely” doll named Billy the Puppet. It is iconic throughout this series because JigSaw always wears a mask similar to the face of Billy the Puppet. Thus, it is famous enough to recognize for everybody who saw this film before, and for his victims too.

Tapes in Saw

There are several tapes in the series Saw, most of them are JigSaw wearing the mask of Billy the Puppet with a scary voice. He will invite his victims to participate in a deadly game that they can not refuse because they are already trapped in the game. The famous words he said is: “Live or die, make your choice.”

The Conclusion

Overall, Saw is a film series that bring you pure fear combined with intense and lessons of life. Just watch and enjoy the feeling of the trapped and Best circular saw beneath the head.

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