Types of Video Games

In General

To date, there is a total of 9 main types of video games: Action, Action-Adventure, Adventure, Role-playing, Simulation, Strategy, Sports, Puzzle, Idle (Vince, 2018), played on a PC, Console, or Phone. Video games are categorized by their characteristics or objectives. Because of that, games can have sub-genres and fit in many catalogs. By breaking down the game mechanics, we can understand how they are categorized.

Action games

Action games are games where the player is in control of a character at the center of the action, often comprised of physical challenges players must overcome.

Action-Adventure Games

Action-Adventure games incorporate 2 game mechanics: action and long story quests.

Adventure Games

Adventure games focus mostly on the story while the gameplay is usually text-based.

Role-playing Games

Role-Playing games (RPGs). RPGs mostly feature medieval or fantasy settings involving both action aspects and action-adventure aspects. Similarity, Simulation games are designed to emulate real or fictional reality, to simulate a real situation or events.

Strategy games

Strategy games require the player to develop strategies and tactics to overcome the challenge.

Sports games

Sports games simulate sports like golf, soccer, and baseball, including Olympic sports, even pub sports like pool, dart or racing.

Puzzle games and Idle games

Puzzle games or Logic games usually take place on a single screen and require the player to solve the puzzle or problem to advance. On the other hand, Idle games can be understood as simplified games with minimal player involvement or mini-game based with short sessions, or educational games.


Video gaming has gained exposure to a broader audience and increasingly become part of modern culture, of everyday life, compared to the Best Dewalt drill in working. Moreover, as the gaming industry develops, the public is getting mixed feeling about video gaming. All in all, compared to those who do not play video games, gamers tend to learn more on the positive depictions of gaming

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