Use a hand planer to plan a large piece of wood

Do you know anything about wood planers? I’m sure most people, especially carpenters, know this tool. With the outstanding function of forming the smooth and flat wood surface, it has quickly become popular and an indispensable tool for most craftsmen in making furniture.

In the market of carpentry tools, best wood planers are increasingly diverse with full shapes, colors, sizes, and functions. There are two main types: handheld wood planer, and stationary wood planer. Depending on the project, you may be able to use one of these devices.

For example, if you need to plan a large amount of wood in a short period. You can use a stationary planer because it has a large capacity to support your plan for a long time without worrying about the broken device.

And a hand planer, though its capacity is not equal to a stationary planer. But it is extremely compact and convenient. You can take it anywhere to use if needed. And it is also the best wood planer for beginners. Especially, if you want to plan a large wood surface, a handheld wood planer is the most ideal tool for that project. That is true. It is not just a stationary planer that is capable of doing this job well.

So, are you curious about how a hand planer can plan on a large surface? If yes, please follow this article. I will show you the details of the planning process for this device. Let’s have started.

How does a hand planer work

A handheld planer has the same features as other planers. However, it has a planing blade attached to the cutting head like a jointer. The handle is equipped with an additional depth adjustment button. That makes it possible to drill down to the level you desire easily. Besides, you can flexibly plan on the surface of the board, from left to right or from top to bottom. The cutting head is equipped with a relatively large capacity which makes your planning process fast and without pressure.

The following, I will give a few notes before using the planer you need to know:

If you want to plan a perfect piece of wood, you not only need to stand firmly but your hands must be skilled and flexible.

When starting planing, set the motor of the device to the maximum speed to warm it up, then just plan the wood surface.

Keep steady hand pressure from beginning to end of the planning process. Why need to maintain the speed? It is extremely important for your planning results. If you do not plan to stabilize, the wood after shaving is not good quality, some places are too thick, some are too thin. In particular, Snipe may appear to destroy the end of the wood.

Steps for planing a large wooden board with a hand planer:

Step 1. Set up a wood board that needs planing


This step is simple, but you must not skip it. Before you embark on a plan, you must check to see if the board is up to standard. Is the width and length of the edges suitable for planing? Is it too rugged? Or does it have to be moldy? Are there any obstacles such as nails still on the board?

With the test of moisture that you cannot identify with the naked eye. You should equip the best moisture meter. After thoroughly checking the quality of wood panels continue to step two.

Step 2: Planing



Before planing, you must fix your board and make sure it will not shake or move during planing. Use the ruler on the pen to mark the depth you need to plan. Making a large piece of wood is quite difficult and laborious, I think you should divide the board into pieces to plan the most effective.

Moreover, because the board is quite large, do not try to finish it in one day. Because you will not be able to maintain the best state. Do not rush but keep calm. Every day, you can plan a little. Although it takes a long time, the quality of the wood after completion will not disappoint you.

Step 3: Complete


After planing, now it’s time to sand the wood to make it smoother and flatter. You can do the sanding by hand, but it takes quite a bit of work. You can use the sanding device. It will help you scrub the whole wood in just a few minutes.

In conclusion

Although the content of this article is quite simple and concise. But it has helped you somewhat on how to use a hand planer to plan a large piece of wood, right? Finally, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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